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An expedition size seat bag. The Pack Horse attaches easily to most bikes via two straps through the seat rails and one 50mm strap around the seat post. Seat bags are ideal for carrying gear when bikepacking, touring or even just commuting.

Pair with a Heaphy Harness or Handlebar Roll for an easy bikepacking setup.


  • Capacity is a generous 8-10L at full volume
  • Weighs approx 420g
  • Removable plastic stiffeners to help keep it stable
  • ITW® Camlock Buckles on the seat rail straps
  • 500D and 1000D Cordura® Fabric
  • Tough NZ made webbing and binding
  • Roll type compression closure
  • Bungee on the top for stashing items
  • Needs 140mm + of exposed seat post to attach properly

Q. Is the bag waterproof?

A. The fabric is PU (polyurethane) coated on the inside and has a DWR (durable water repellent) coating on the outer. This makes the bag very weather resistant, but because the seams are not sealed water will seep in over time.

Q. Will this bag work with a dropper post?

A. There is no straight forward answer here. It should be able to attach to the post with no issues (apart from potential wear on the shaft), it is when you drop the post you will come into issues. You need to ensure you have enough clearance to the tyre (at full compression if you have a full suspension bike). You will also need to ensure that the seat post attachment also has something to wrap around - if you drop your seat then you may not have much seatpost left.

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Pack Horse Review

Awesome bag, highly recommend, swift service, pleased to keep it local, get in touch with Mike

Pack Horse

Bought as part of a Bar/frame/saddle set, all in black, in August 2016. Has done 12-day tour in japan, 16 monthly midweek overnighters, 2 overnight long trips to the coast and 4 days through the mountains. It’s also up for 12 days in South Korea in September. This set has made bike backing easy, simple, and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Yes, I bought it for trips with my mates, but I also use it just as much with family and friends for picnics.
Pack Horse Review :
This sits very solid under my seat and around my seat post. I do use another small strap just to hold the bag high up under the seat. But, this is one seat bag that doesn’t wave around in the breeze swinging back and forward as you ride along. I love that about it. I bought this so a small S2S dry bag would fit right down it’s mouth, and that is how I’ve used it on many trips. The elastic on the top is good for rolled raincoats, ass hats (soft seat) and thongs. The bottom half has a plastic sleeve in it to stop it sagging and swaying, the side straps hold the rolled up back tight and helps to avoid swing. I’ve cut down a small plastic chopping board and hidden that down the bottom with the plastic as well, a very good hidey hole for it. I love how easy this seat bag is to change from full for long trips to small for picnic lunches by the lake. This is a solid product that has been well thought out, solidly constructed and definitely fit for form and function.