Custom Made Frame Bags

A frame bag is a awesome addition to any bike. Great for bikepacking, touring, commuting or just general riding. Wether you have a full suspension mountain bike, gravel all road bike, or full race time trial bike I can make something to fit. 

With each frame bag being custom made to suit your frame I will require a template. This can either be a paper template, photo template, or if you are local to Wellington you can drop by my workshop with your bike and I can make a template up for you. Details on making templates below.

Full Frame or Half Frame?

The first choice you will need to make when ordering a frame bag is whether you want it taking up the full space inside the frame, or want it half depth allowing you room to keep bottles underneath. A full frame bag is great for smaller frames while half frame bags tend to be better for larger frames and gravel style bikes.

  • Full Frame Bag

  • Giant sedona half frame bag lace up

    Half Frame Bag

Pocket Options

The second decision you will need to make is the configuration of the zips and pockets. For a full frame bag you can choose to have one large compartment accessed via the zip from the top, or have two compartments accessed via two zips with a horizontal Velcro divider in between the two compartments. The double zip option is good for larger frames and stops the bag from bulging out too much. For a half frame bag a single zip is the only option for the main compartment.

A map/phone pocket can be added to both full and half frame bags. This is a pocket between the exterior fabric acessed via a zip from the top. For a full frame bag with a double zip this pocket will be half the depth of the bag where the Velcro divider is sewn in.

  • Coyote single zip frame bag

    Single Zip

  • custom teal x-pac frame bag

    Double Zip

  • Frame bag phone pocket

    Map Pocket

Extras and Attachments

How to attach your frame bag to the bike is another consideration to make. The standard option is a "daisy chain" system. This comprises of a strip of webbing attached to the bag every 40mm allowing Velcro straps being able to be used at almost any point to attach to the bag to the frame. Alternative options are lacing, bolt on, fixed Velcro, or a combination of the above.

An H20/Cable port can be added to any frame bag allowing you to pass cables or hydration tubes from the inside to the outside of the bag.

  • Daisy chain frame bag attachments

    Daisy Chain

  • Lace up frame bag for kona unit

    Bolt on/Lace up

  • Frame Bag H20 Port

    H20 Port


All of the fabrics used are more than up to the task so it's just your choice of what you think looks good. Go for a classic Cordura in Coyote or a fancy EPX200 laminate in Bright blue or combine them both to create the bag of your dreams.

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