Tour Aotearoa Stem Pouch

Update 15/10/2015 - Next batch will be made and ready to be shipped or picked up on the 15/11/2015.
Now available to order! I will be making them in batches of 20 with the first batch expected to be shipping out on the 7th of August. Don't worry if you don't make it in on the first batch as I will ensure every Tour Aotearoa rider can purchase one, or two.
The Stem Pouch attaches to your stem and handlebar. You can run one, or one on either side of the stem for extra capacity. Designed to fit a standard 750ml drink bottle. Stuff it with snacks, beer, phones or anything you can fit in!

Reinforced with closed cell foam
Drawstring closure to keep things from escaping
Lined with highlighter green fabric to ensure you can find that last M&M
Supplied with two removable and adjustable Velcro straps
Available only in Tour Aotearoa black.
Weighs 70g

Pricing is $60.00NZD for one or $90.00NZD for a pair. Shipping to anywhere is NZ is $5.00, for international postage please ask for a price. If you are local to Wellington you are welcome to pick your bags up.

Please use the contact form below to place your order.

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