Happy Birthday to Stealth

Relaxing on Route 52 - December 2016
Relaxing on Route 52 - December 2016.

Five years ago, I sold my first bag. I will be honest; it wasn’t the best bag in the world, but I have no doubt it will have held together and served its purpose, or maybe it’s sitting in a dark corner of a cupboard, who knows.

Back then I was doing the best with what I had, an old industrial sewing machine, some generic outdoor fabric and uncoated zips, all from a local supplier. The thought of ordering rolls of Cordura or hundreds of meters of coated zip an anxious dream. Today it’s just another thing to do.

Since going full time into Stealth 6 months ago it has been busy. Many new designs transforming from ideas to items waiting for homes, and a steady flow of orders coming in over the winter. Even though it has been busy, it still has been a stressful time, with rent and bills to pay for the business I am always looking for the next job or sale.

With summer not far away things are really starting to pick up. The display wall and bins are filled with bags ready to be sold and taken out for a ride. Fingers crossed the next six months will be even busier and I can carry on for another year and enable adventures for many more people. Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the past five years, without you it wouldn’t be possible.

Maitland Ridge Track - April 2019
Maitland Ridge Track - April 2019.

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