The Dump Tank

The Dump Tank

The Dropper Post Bikepacking bag you have been waiting for.

After almost a year of designing and testing prototypes the new seat bag from Stealth is here. 

The Dump Tank is a versatile, and easy to use solution; Fit for the first time bikepacker, or seasoned back country adventurer. The Dump Tank comprises of three main components which will have your back when the weather turns bad and the trail gets rough. 

The Aluminium Frame 

The Lasercut frame attaches to your saddle and seat post via cable ties, a foolproof attachment method that is strong and reliable. 

Dump Tank Aluminium Frame

The Harness 

The lightweight Harness maintains the stiffness provided by the rigid aluminium frame and creates structure to the bag. This provides a "tail-wag" free platform for carrying. The harness also keeps the bag securely away from your frame and seat post; perfect for dropper post-equipped bikes.

The Dry Bag 

The HF welded waterproof dry bag keeps your contents dry and secure and slips right into the harness system. One clip removal makes it easy to remove the entire drybag and its contents from your bike, without removing the supporting frame and harness.

Dump Tank Bikepacking Dry Bag

The Dump Tank

Dump Tank Bikpacking Bag on Dropper Post

The combination of the above components creates a solution which is both very strong and easy to use. The stiff aluminium and lightweight polypropylene structures keeps movement to a minimum and weight low. The multiple attachments on the frame mean it will fit most saddles and seat posts, including dropper posts.

Max volume of the Custom Drybag is 9L. But this doesn't stop you from shoving a jacket, a pair of jandals, and an extra stash of OSM's under the strap.

Get yours now.

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