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The new Enduro Strap

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The new Enduro Strap


Enduro Strap Grey

Most people at some point would have seen a tube strapped on to a frame with electrical tape, although it works, it isn't pretty. The Enduro Strap is the perfect solution to the problem.

Enduro Strap Downtube

Designed to hold a tube and tools tightly to the frame, it is the ideal solution to ensure you can repair a puncture on any ride. If strapping things to your frame is not your thing, then it also works under the saddle too. No more stuffing tubes down uncomfortable bibs, or backpacks with nothing in them but a multi-tool. Crafted to high standards with quality materials. Available now in four colours, get them while stocks last. Click here to purchase yours now. 

Enduro Strap under seatEnduro Strap Open