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Front Loader - Standard Colours

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Slap it on to the front of a Handlebar Roll or Heaphy Harness. Ideal for carrying snacks and items you want easy access to. 

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Standard colours are in stock. Want a different colour? Check out the Front Loader - Custom Colours.

Customer Reviews

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Stealth Front Loader

Very useful front bag to complement my Aeroe handlebar bag. Easy access to snacks, phone, sunglasses and sunscreen and I now consider it an essential piece of bike packing kit.

Rei Ishikawa
Front Loader - Used for Tour of Aotearoa 2020

I used the frontloader paired with the Heaphy Harness for TA 2020. In it, I stored my spork, spare food (usually about a box of muesli bars, some beef jerky, sandwich if I could find one), sunscreen, bug spray, TA book, and a small dry bag for my electronics such as a small battery bank. The frontloader pairs nicely with Heaphy harness, wraps pretty snug around the dry bag that I mounted on the harness and fits a suprising amount of stuff in there. During the 21 days of riding, I only had 3 days of rain so a bit fortunate. The bag is not waterproof so I didn't stick anything in there that would be an issue if it rained (and if I did it had its own small dry bag). When it did rain, things would get a bit wet but I was not phased with what was in there. Access is easy, zips seems to be of good quality (unlike my non-Stealth top tube bag, which I bought a week before the TA, and by Nelson I had to buy a new one because the zip seams ripped and I had an open bag!) and easy access while riding. Note I was able to still get food in/out with the harness and frontloader mounted on aerobars on a flatbar, full sus mountain bike. Good to support local and someone who clearly cares about quality hand made kit. I'll be using this for more adventures to come.

The Front Loader is a handy bag that is designed to be clipped onto the front of the Heaphy Harness or Handlebar Roll. The Front Loader enables quick access to items while riding your bike or when stopped for a bite to eat.

The Front Loader can easily be removed from the bike and taken with you. With the optional bumbag/shoulder strap the Front Loader can also be used as a bumbag or satchel. 

Add some Voile straps to mount the Front Loader directly to your handlebar giving you a standalone bar bag.

Front Loader handlebar bag
Front Loader infographic
Front Loader as a bum bag
Front loader as a satchel

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